To finalize your DIY, purchase this set of maroon jacket, trousers and vest to ready yourself for the show. Harley Quinn is known for having blonde hair with two pigtails: one dyed blue and the other pink, to show the split sides of her personality. This joker tie has printed on its both sides and is prepared by the polyester material. Along with these features, there are pleats of about 12.25 Inches on the both sides of this shirt. So, if you are trying to make your Joker outfit complete so you will require these grills to portray the Suicide Squad Joker completely. The color of the Wig is almost the same of Jareds Wig in Suicide Squad movie. Despite that, you can have the Dark Knight Joker Wig that is the same Joker has used in the Dark Knight. The Green Joker Wig is of same design and style that is used by the Suicide Squad Joker. Now, this costume sums up the all four outfits of Jared as a Joker in Suicide Squad movie.

5 years ago Then, you need unique Harley Quinn Costume Shoes prepared by Quality PU leather with a comfortable sole, lace is also attached for easy closing. Joker was seen wearing it while going for a date along with Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad Joker also wears his Joker Gold Watch while wearing his White Tuxedo Outfit. The Suicide Squad Joker is seen wearing the white shirt with all of his Tuxedos in the movie. It is certainly one of the most fascinating part of Heath Ledger Joker’s costume, if you are desiring to get his screen accurate looks then this green vest is very essential.This green vest will enhance your formal attire look as well as you can wear it on formal meeting, parties and hangout and enjoying wearing it. The Jacket has been prepared by wool blend, and if you are thinking of having this Jacket in your wardrobe, then you can have this stylish jacket as it will raise your standards. This can provide joker an incredible appearance and style of walking. The Joker shoes are also cushioned from inside with memory foam, and it provides comfort and eases to the person wearing it. Arkham Knight is sure a great addition to the franchise but do not forget the previous game where she was wearing a different outfit was way sexier.

But all those peoples theories were proved to be wrong as Heath Ledger gave a fabulous entry as the Dark Knight Joker. For providing a final touch to your Jokers look is carrying the Joker Holster. If you are a crazy fan of Jared and want to try all his styles, then this White Tuxedo Costume is another perfect and outstanding outfit to enrich your styles and provide you the best Jokers Look. He uses the Black Shiny Shoes with his Jokers Costume, The Shoes that Suicide Squad Joker wears with his Grey Tuxedo are the same worn with the Black Tuxedo. Jared Leto being the Suicide Squad Joker carries the gun holster for keeping his gun meanwhile, he is driving the car. Joker wears black Joker Trousers along with his suit as it flourishes it. Similarly to his suit he had used the Joker tie with outstanding style as no one had ever done it before.

You don’t really need a purple and green suit to get the Joker look. She uses her appearance and loyalty to Joker to manipulate and become confrontational with a fellow criminal, which leads to an explosive and sudden confrontation with the Joker. The Joker Cane is the same that Jared carries with his Black Tuxedo outfit. Jared in Suicide Squad has worn this White Tuxedo Outfit. Joker White Tuxedo costume is the last one that is worn by Jared in Suicide Squad. By having this watch with all your Joker Outfits, you can complete your Joker look, but along with that you also require some more things for making your Joker costume fully perfect. According to the film’s IMDB page, fans can also expect appearances from actors Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Affleck, reprising their roles as criminal mastermind Lex Luthor and the Dark Knight himself, respectively. Before Heath Ledger being the Dark Knight Joker one of the famous Joker to be considered was Jack Nicholson.